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1 Night 2 Days Singapore Tour Packages

Singapore is a beautiful country. But people usually think that it is a place where people often stop when they are on their way to somewhere else. It is a shame though. The scenic beauty of singapore is the thing which one should not miss his or her lifetime. Singapore is considered a fabulous place for vocations especially for families. In singapore, there so many attractive things to do. It is definitely a sure thing that even if you spend a week in singapore, there will still be things on your to do list.

  • Singapore is very easy to visit and it has great transportation facilities.
  • The common language used there is english which makes communication easy there.
  • The place is calm, clean and serene.
I will share the experience one gets while being in singapore and surely you will add singapore to your family vocation list.

Now, if you want to travel to singapore, the best time to visit is between summer and winter. It is quite a pleasant time to visit singapore. Don’t keep the flight time late. The flight must be smooth so that you have no problem of delays and other things. Now, you want a package of 2 days and 1 night.

Hill Station
INR 29000 INR 27000 / person
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INR 39000 INR 37000 / person
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INR 7000 INR 6000 / person
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INR 7000 INR 6000 / person
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2 days 1 night package:

This is not the best package you could have but you can visit singapore for this much time and still enjoy to the best. You may also have to stay there while you are travelling to some other place.

Here i will tell you what possibly you should be doing in these two days without wasting much of the time. You need to utilize all the time when you are going only for two days. Boarding a nice hotel should be the first thing. There are many hotels of best quality in singapore. Some of them are given below:

  • Raffles Singapore
  • The St. Regis Singapore
  • Mandarin oriental, Singapore
  • Four Seasons hotel, Singapore
  • Grand Hyatt Singapore

These are some of the best hotels of singapore.

Day 1:

 Now, after boarding a hotel (let it be in the afternoon), the first place to visit should be Sentosa Island.

Sentosa Island:

It is a very beautiful place and not too far as well. The amount of things to do at Sentosa Island are many. You will have to dedicate yourself to explore this beautiful Island. Santosa is a resort located off the coast of singapore. Almost 5 million people visit there every year. It is a very modern type of resort and you will enjoy the time you will spend there. The two most important things to do at Sentosa Island are:

1- To visit Resort World Sentosa

2- To visit S.E.A Aquarium

Resort world Sentosa is known as integrated resort because it has casino integrated with holiday resort. It has many restaurants, food courts, casinos, trick eye museum, etc.

S.E.A Aquarium:

S.E.A Aquarium is the largest Aquarium of the world. It is also the best aquariums of the world. There are more than 100,000 water animals of 800 different species. It is in the form of tunnel that starts and ends the journey through the aquarium. After all this enjoyment, you can return to your hotel room.

Day 2:

When the sunlight of the second day will fall on your face, all you need to do is to get ready for an exciting day as it will be your last day of the trip. But don’t be sad because you have got a whole day for you. The best food you will find at the marine sand bay and you will have a great taste of the food of singapore. On this day, you must visit the markets of LITTLE INDIA.

Little India:

It is a great place to explore the indian side of Singapore. One of the best favourite things to do in singapore is to visit gardens by the marine bay. Despite of short visits, you can go to both these places and enjoy a lot. This can be how you will utilise these two days of your visit and enjoy to the fullest.


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