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Singapore Tour Packages From Gaya

Singapore is the dream place for many people. Everyone want their family to enjoy and to go to some beautiful place for vacations. Singapore is the place you are looking for. You don't need to have a lot if money. It is just a matter of a little money and you will enjoy a lot more than you spend. Singapore is a place made by God to make people visit it and relax from their busy life. Take a break from your hectic life and experience the magic of Singapore’s beauty. There are many fabulous places in Singapore which would make you forget all the worries of your life. The places you visit is Singapore leave an impression on your mind that is unforgettable and the things to do there are countless.

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Singapore is considered by travel experts as the country having the most number of tourists visiting in a single year. Millions of people visit Singapore and enjoy the beauty of nature. Apart from natural beauty, the artificial beauty created at many sites will make you have a lot of fun. Singapore is especially famous for its nightlife. This place literally never sleeps and you can get anything even in the middle of the night.
From India, there are many tour packages. One among the many packages is the Singapore tour package from Gaya. Singapore is so close to gaya and it only takes a flight from Gaya to reach Singapore in 4 hours and 57 minutes. This is the time taken by a direct flight. Indirect flight take much longer to reach Singapore.
Gaya is 3300 kms away from Singapore. The nearest airport to Gaya is the Gaya Airport, also known as Bodhgaya Airport and the nearest airport to Singapore is Changi Airport. Gaya Airport is 12 kms away from Gaya. It was named after the great saint, Gautam Bhudha. It is the 2nd busiest Airport of bihar. This is an airport which is mainly seasonal. The major airport of Bihar is at Patna.
Gaya Airport, Gaya:
● Its IATA code is GAY.
● Its ICAO code is VEGY.
● It is situated in Gaya, Bihar.
Major Airlines:
● Air India Limited
● Indian Airlines
Changi Airport, Singapore
● Its IATA code is SIN.
● Its ICAO code is WSSS.
Major Airlines:
● Jet Airways
● Singapore Airlines.
● Scoot
Singapore tour packages from Gaya:
This includes the packages that are available from Gaya, Bihar. The time taken from Gaya to Singapore is about 5 hours. The travel package is given below:
Gaya to Singapore:
There is a direct flight available from Gaya Airport to Changi Airport(SIN). The time during taken by this direct flight is 4 hours and 57 minutes. The most popular Airline from Gaya to Singapore is Thai Airways.
Thus, Singapore tour packages from Gaya will follow the above route. This route is very straight and will make you reach Singapore in a very short interval of time. The packages will be made keeping in mind the time difference of Gaya and Singapore. Singapore is ahead of Gaya by 2 hours and 30 minutes.
Thus, your travel will be included in your Singapore tour package from Gaya. You will be provided with this route to ensure your safe and comfortable journey from Gaya to Singapore. This travel package will be added to your main packages. Those include
● Family tour package
● Honeymoon tour package
● Friends tour package
Your enjoyment depend on how comfortable your travel is and we guarantee the most comfortable travel because we believe that long tours need a healthy mind and body to enjoy to the fullest. Your holidays will be a joy and you will feel relaxed and satisfied on the return of your journey.


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