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Singapore Tour Packages From Kozhikode

Singapore, known as the Lion city, is popular around the world as the biggest tourist attraction. It has been this scenario since last 30 to 40 years. The tourism industry has been working day and night to maintain this decorum. They have contributed to Singapore economy as the main industry. Singapore was always known for its natural beauty. But to maintain this beauty was a difficult task. But they have been doing it nicely. This is why millions of tourists visit Singapore every year. According to a report, in 2016, more than 16 million people visited Singapore which is 3 times the population of Singapore.

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A visit to singapore is always welcomed whenever one gets holidays. The tourism sector in Singapore has been marvelous over the last 20 years. They have provided the major portion of Singapore’s economy. You will see people always travelling to singapore to spend their holidays. All the people visit Singapore for family tours or for honeymoon. There are places for family to visit and there are also place which are romantic in nature. Singapore has also proved from the near past as a thrilling spot for friends to visit. Introduction of many adventurous sports have made it a place for friends tours as well.

People visit Singapore from different corners of the world. It is not because there are no other beautiful places in the world, but only because it is the most ideal place to spend vacations. It is close to an ideal place in many respects:

● There are countless places to visit in Singapore.

● There are many things to do in Singapore.

● The climate of Singapore is ideal for holiday trips. The temperature range is 20°C to 30°C.

● The country is very calm and clean in spite of the fact that millions of tourist visit Singapore

People from India have always been fond of Singapore. People always travel to Singapore from India with their family and friends. People plan their honeymoons at Singapore. We provide Singapore tour packages from Kozhikode.

People from Kozhikode also visit Singapore. Kozhikode is 3280 kms ​away from Singapore. Kozhikode is a coastal area in the southern part of india. It is a city of Kerala. Kozhikode is itself a tourist attraction place. The nearest international airport to Kozhikode is Calicut international Airport.​ It is 25 kms away from the main city. This airport also provides an operating base for Air India Express.

● Its IATA code is CCJ.

● Its ICAO code is VOCL.

● It is situated Kondotty, Thirurangadi Road, karipur, kerala, India.

Major Airlines:

● Air India Express.

● Oman Air.

● Air India Limited

The flight takes off from Calicut International Airport and reaches Changi Airport​, Singapore. This is the nearest airport to Singapore city.

● The IATA code of Changi Airport is SIN.

● Its ICAO code is WSSS.

Singapore tour packages from Kozhikode:

The flight that provides this service is Air India Limited. There is no indirect flight available from Calicut International Airport to Changi Airport, Singapore. There are non stop flights available from Kozhikode. The time taken by this flight to reach Singapore is 4 hours and 55 minutes. There is only this one travel package available from Kozhikode. The flight takes off from Calicut international Airport to Changi Airport, Singapore.

Thus, this is the travel scheme you will be provided with your Singapore tour packages from Kozhikode.​ Travelling is the most important thing while you are on a vacation. You should not be tired while on a vacation. So, to prevent yourself from getting tired, the package you select must provide you with best options of travelling, lodging and boarding. Thus, add this travel schedule to your package with family, wife and friends. Our only motive is to provide you with best of the packages with your convenience.

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