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Singapore Tour Packages From Mumbai

Singapore is well also known as the tourist hub of Asia. It has become the best tourist attraction place in the whole Asia. Tourists from all the countries of the globe are attracted to this place and the to and fro visit of tourists takes place throughout the year with number of tourists rising every year. The tourism of Singapore has to be on its best in maintaining all the precious places for the tourists. It is one of the most clean and calm city-state or country in Asia and the economy of this country has become enormous because of its tourism. The places to visit are numerous and the things to do in Singapore are countless. You must have Singapore on top of your list when you are thinking of spending some holiday time with your family or friends.

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If you are from Mumbai, and want to fly from Mumbai to Singapore. Everyone should know the timing of Non-stop flight from Mumbai to Singapore is 5 hours and 14 minutes, mostly operated by AIR Air India Limited.Chhatrapati shivaji International Airport is the nearest airport to Mumbai and Changi Airport is nearest airport of Singapore city. Approximately 3920 kilometers is the distance from Mumbai to City Singapore. Fastest flight with one stop takes almost 7 hours to reach Singapore. But some flights take 32 hours to cover the distance between Singapore and Mumbai along with waiting durations and stopover. Thus depending upon layover destination which are commonly specified by selective Airlines changes flight timings.

Flights from Mumbai to Singapore

Singapore has 2 medium and 1 international airport.

● Air India Limited , flight duration from delhi to Singapore is 5 hours and 14 minutes approximately.

● Jet Airlines, the time taken by the flight is 5 hours and 30 minutes.

● Singapore Airlines, it takes 5 hours and 25 minutes to reach Singapore from Mumbai.

● Etihad Airlines, flight duration is 5 hours and 25 minutes.

Flight from Mumbai to Singapore via Kuala lumpur:

By this flight route , visitors can experience the beauty of Kuala Lumpur which is only one border line away from Singapore. To tour to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur , visitor will be delightful to tour the beautiful places in Kuala Lumpur. Flight duration from Mumbai Chhatrapati shivaji airport to Singapore Changi airport is 12 hours and 54 minutes. Below listed is the total flight duration via Kuala Lumpur. 

● From Mumbai to Kuala lumpur its duration is 5 hours and 4 minutes.

● Waiting duration at KUL airport is almost 7 hours.

● Flight duration from Kuala lumpur to Singapore is 1 hour.

Flight from Mumbai to Singapore via Delhi:

Via Indira Gandhi Airport , total flight duration for reaching Singapore is 21 hours and 45 minutes. Below are the flight duration:

● From Mumbai to Delhi , its time duration is 2 hours and 10 mins.

● Waiting duration at Delhi Airport is 13 hours almost.

● From delhi to Singapore , time duration is almost 7 hours.


By having flight from Mumbai you can add many attractive places for visiting. You can explore more that will depend on your choice. As the choice is made after the  beautiful views of different places. 

● Direct flight from Mumbai 

Here you can visit Singapore directly with no waiting time in between any of country. You will have delicious meal .

● Flight from Mumbai to Singapore Via delhi: 

It will take more time then direct flight from Mumbai Airports to reach Singapore. 

● Flight via Malaysia 

You can add many beautiful places in your tour package. The tour packages available will follow one of the above listed routes or schedules and it will solely be on your choice. Whatever package you choose, may it be, family tour package, honeymoon tour package ir friends tour package, you will be given the choice to select any of the above routes for your journey from Mumbai to singapore.

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