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Singapore Tour Packages From Vijayawada

Singapore is situated on the southern tip of Asia. It is a very famous country and has been hosting millions of tourists. The tourism of Singapore gained hipe from last 3 decades and now is the major industry to contribute in the economy of Singapore. Singapore attracts the tourists who visit it and makes them to again visit this beautiful country. Singapore is also known as  Republic of Singapore. This country is surely one of the top ranked tourist destination. Every year, millions of tourists visit Singapore from all across the world . It offers a lot more to tourists in every aspect who expect to have a perfect vacation. It is very popular tourist destination to enjoy your trip with your family, friends and with your wife. Singapore is also known for its quite technological advancement. It is the best country in the world which offers you best experience of diverse  culture, traditions and Singaporean cuisine. The best thing about spending vacations in Singapore is that it provide you with so much chances to  grab the history behind cultures that are truly assortment of Chinese, Indian and Malays. You can do shopping at the large market and malls. The street food of Singapore has great taste throughout the world, here you can explore the streets in singapore full of food stalls and hawkers. Singapore has one of the best food street and it is situated on the Keong silk road.

Spa and Wellness
INR 19000 INR 17000 / person
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INR 12500 INR 11500 / person
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INR 14000 INR 13000 / person
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Off Beat
INR 14500 INR 13500 / person
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Drive and Stay
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INR 14000 INR 13000 / person
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There are other major reasons as for why so many tourists visit Singapore. These are:

● There are so many places to visit and so many things to do in Singapore.

● The nightlife of Singapore is what one should experience by visiting Singapore.

● The language used in Singapore is English which is spoken and understood by everyone around the world.

● The transportation in Singapore is flawless which is preferred by everyone.

People from all over the world visit Singapore. It was estimated in 2016 that more than 16 million tourists visited Singapore. People from India also visit Singapore. Thus, we provide tour packages to singapore from each and every state of India. Here we will discuss our packages from Vijayawada named as Singapore tour packages from Vijayawada.

Singapore tour packages from Vijayawada:

These are great packages available from Vijayawada. These packages include the basic services which a tour package must have. These are the travelling, lodging and transportation. We will discuss about the travel schemes that will be added to these packages. The nearest Airport to the main city of Vijayawada is Vijayawada Airport. The following are its features:

● Its IATA code is VGA.

● Its ICAO code is VOBZ.

● Its latitudes are given as 16.5306

● Its longitudes are given as 80.8002

● It is situated on National Highway 5 in  Gannavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The nearest Airport of Singapore is the Changi Airport. The main city of Singapore is Marina bay. Changi airport is located at a distance of 17.2 kilometres from the Marina Bay. It is a very popular airport. It is the only international Airport in Singapore and its location has a great significance because it is located in the Downtown core of Singapore city. It has the following features:



● The airlines which operate from this airport are Air India, Scoot, Jetstar Asia Airways, Singapore Airlines and SilkAir. 

Vijayawada to Singapore:

The flight takes off from Vijayawada and reaches Singapore. The total time taken by this flight to reach Singapore is 4 hours and 34 minutes. This is a direct flight available from Vijayawada to singapore.

Thus, this travel schedule will be added to our Singapore tour packages from Vijayawada. This is the most comfortable travel scheme available from Vijayawada to Singapore.

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