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Singapore or Singapura is the country situated in Southeast Asia. Singapura is the Malay word which means Singa – Lion and pura – City and that’s why Singapore is called as Lion City.

Singapore was founded as the British Colony in the year 1918 and now it has developed into one of the busiest ports today. You’ll find many modern skyscrapers everywhere in Singapore mixed with a taste of traditional Indian, Chinese and Malay buildings. Mixed with happening shopping places, delicious food, airport, and exciting nightlife, the Lion City is a perfect stopover.


As per the legends, Singapore was part of the Srivijayan Empire in the 13th century. In 1819, Singapore was founded by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles and at that time he declared Singapore as a free port with no duties charged on trade. The policy drew the traders from wide and far and turned Singapore into one of Asia’s busiest port.

When World War 2 come up, Singapore was seen as the dreadful British base with many naval defenses guarding against assault by the sea. However, to the surprise, Japanese chose to cross Malaya by bicycle. Despite with every effort to hold the Japanese, Singapore surrendered on 1942 with less than a week of fighting. Japan lasted for approximately four years with British return in the year 1945. After the war, Singapore was called as the British colony.

When the Britishers left, Singapore joined Malaysia for a shorter period in the year 1963 but Singapore left Malaysia and became independent on 9 August 1965. Since that period, country’s economy increased for consequent forty years and become one of the four East Asian Tigers.


The people of Singapore are scions of immigrants from the Malay Peninsula, China and Indian sub-continent. Singapore has the population of about 5 million. Despite smaller in size, Singapore is seen as the multi-racial country with largest 75% population of Chinese and rest 14% Malay, 9% Indians and 2% Eurasians.

Although the regional language is Malay, English is still used in Singapore as a language of administration. Many people in Singapore speak English fluently. Most of the times, you’ll get to hear Singlish too which is the mixture of Malay, English, and Hokkien.


The weather is no different in Singapore. It remains sunny usually with the hottest period from April to June while rainfall takes place from November to January.

Events and Festivals

There are many of them that take place throughout the year. 

Look out for Singapore Food Festival which is held every year in July. The festival consists of themed celebrations, weekly events, culinary competitions and workshops organized across the country.

Computer shows take place quarterly throughout the year. One can grab electronic and computer goodies during the show.

All the shopping lovers expect the Great Singapore Sales from May to July. Shoes, clothing, bags, etc. sells at an amazing offer and discounted prices. 

The popular event, Formula One race takes place in September. In 2008, Singapore hosted first night event in the history of Formula One and it took place on the street circuit with Singapore Skyline as the backdrop.


Singapore people love to makan, which is called ‘eat’. There are several 24-hour coffee shops and hawker centers offering cheap and a mix of Chinese, Malay, Western and Indian food. Restaurants offering fine dining can also be found across Singapore.


Plenty of places are there to shop in Singapore. Either shop from the air-conditioned malls or stores near you as per your convenience. 


The rapid change has been seen in Singapore since the time of independence and it has become one of the world’s affluent countries with the world’s busiest port.


Singapore is situated at the southern tip of Malayan Peninsula in between Indonesia and Malaysia and it has the total land of 699 km². Currently, Singapore consists of 60 small islands around the primary island.

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