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Cultural Tour Packages Singapore

Singapore is known as a lion city. Its history is an inspiration itself of how this small island developed into a great economic country. It is considered as the economic capital of the world. The major portion of economy is generated by business and the tourism industry. Millions of people visit Singapore every year with their families or friends.

Singapore is the largest tourist hub as far as number is considered. There are many reasons for so many people visiting Singapore but there are a few major amongst them. These are the beautiful places to visit in Singapore, there are so many things to do in Singapore, the climate of Singapore, and many more.

Singapore is the best tourist destination and we provide one of the best tour packages to Singapore. There are different packages available for Singapore. Some of them are:

  • Adventure packages.
  • Cultural packages.
  • Heritage packages.
  • Pilgrimage packages.
  • And so on.
Here we will discuss the Cultural tour packages to Singapore. The culture of Singapore is famous all over the world for its diversity. You can find cultures of different countries in Singapore. This diversity is accepted by every person in Singapore and they enjoy and celebrate all these cultures together. You can find cultures of different countries like India, China, and other European countries. There are people from all the religions in Singapore. You can find holidays on all the major days of all the religions like there are holidays on Chinese New year, Diwali, Eid, Christmas, etc. Thus, the cultural aspect of Singapore is also beautiful. We provide our Cultural tour packages for you.

You can find different cultures being followed at the same place in Singapore. There are churches, temples and mosques situated very near to each other which is a proof of Singapore's open and diverse culture. The food also shows a mix of cultures. You will find all the types of food from all the cultures of the world. Their preparation is also followed based on the culture. Thus, Singapore is a country where a cluster of cultures is seen.

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These packages are purely based on your trip to Singapore to explore the cultural reality of Singapore. In these packages, you will provided the best options to explore and experience the diverse culture of Singapore. Travelling with our cultural tour packages will make you see the historically brilliant architecture of churches, temples and mosques. These packages include the visit of such places and also your travel, lodging and transportation. Some of the places where you could really find the diverse culture of Singapore are:

  1. Armenian Church:

It is the oldest Church of Singapore. It was built in 1835. It gives you the idea of the architecture of that time. It is situated on 60 hill street.

  1. Sultan Mosque:

It is the major focal point for the Malay community of Singapore. It is a very beautiful mosque which is situated near the Kampong Glam. Its visit provides peace to the soul and its architecture is mindblowing. It represents the history of islamic culture of Singapore.

  1. Sri Mariamman Temple:

It is the oldest hindu temple of Singapore. It is a very beautiful temple whose architecture is better than the majority of hindu temples of India. This is a historic heritage that represent the hindu culture of Singapore. It is situated in the chinatown showing the varied combination of chinese and indian culture.

So, you can choose the above places for your Cultural tour Packages. This tour packages are a treat for history and culture lovers. Singapore provides a great bunch of historical and cultural knowledge for the people who are more interested in culture rather than on the trips.

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