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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Singapore

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple - Singapore

Singapore is known for its beauty. Tourists from around the world visit Singapore to witness this beauty of nature. Apart from the beauty of Singapore, there are places to visit, things to do, nightlife, etc that attract tourists. The climate and the language also plays an important role for the amazing success of the tourism sector of Singapore.

But what has been touching tourists the most for so many year is the preservation of culture and practice of different religions in Singapore. The culture of Singapore has been still kept alive and can be witnessed once visiting Singapore. Not only the cultures and religions of Singapore are preserved, other cultures of other countries can also been seen practiced in Singapore. The best example is of Indian culture and the religions. You can find one of the oldest Hindu temples kept preserved in Singapore. The people visit these temples to find mental peace. Most beautiful Masjids can also be found in Singapore. There are temples from the chinese cultures and religions as well. One of them worth discussing is the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

Buddha tooth relic temple:

This temple is the four story temple which shows the art of Buddhism thus makes it remarkable. You enter through the main hall with high beautiful ceiling, on the same floor we can see the drum tower and bell towers. Sutpa of gold is the main attraction for everyone which is about 2 metres sutpa.

It is the Buddhist temple which is located at Singapore in the Chinatown District at the South bridge road.  It's roof is of Chinese style .The design of this Buddhist temple is traditional and for both tourists and local it hold all the events. This temple is the Chinese Tang- style temple. It also represents the Buddhist sacred Art and also tells about the hundred of years old culture.The name of the temple is given from the left canine tooth of the Buddha. Shi Fa Zhao designed this temple with the help of many consultants and local with the knowledge about art and culture.

Museum of the Buddhist culture is also found in the temple Buddha tooth relic, situated at its 3rd floor, on this floor we can see the relic of tongue and bones of Buddha. The fourth floor is the most sacred place which contains centrepiece of the temple. Giant sutpa of weight about 3500 kilograms , supports the Buddha tooth relics. That is made of gold about 320 kilograms. In the relic chamber only monks are allowed. It is located in the center of Chinatown. Due to the art and old culture sculpture in temple, you can have remarkable visit to this temple.

● On second floor there is a small tea house , where every visitor can relax and find peace.

● For visiting the temple everyone should avoid t-shirt, shorts, mini- skirt and they all should dress with respect toward the sacred place.

● Each tour lasts for 2 hours and is only conducted by the volunteers of the temple.

Description of architecture:

1- On the first floor is the hundred dragons hall. It was designed by the Tang dynasty. It is complimented by hundred Buddhas on both sides on the walls. Also present is the universal wisdom hall. It is a beautiful throne on which handcrafted Buddhas sit.

2- On the second floor is the Manjushri hall. It is a type of an exhibition hall. In this hall, there are demonstrations of Buddhist calligraphy and painting.

3- On the third floor is the Samantabhadra hall. This is a museum of Nagapuspa Buddhist culture. If you are interested to know about the historical facts of these Buddhists, then you must visit this floor.

4- On the fourth floor is the Sacred light hall. It is also known as sacred buddha relic chamber. It gives ways to the roof. The visit to roof is important to complete the trip of this temple.

5- The temple roof top contains the prayer wheel. It is the place where Buddhas prayed.

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