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Tanjong Beach Club Singapore

Tanjong Beach Club - Singapore

Singapore is an ideal place for vacations and millions of tourists visit this country. Being one of the most beautiful country is not the only reason for it being a tourist attraction. There are other reason as to why so many tourists visit Singapore. These are given below:

● The climate of Singapore is ideal for vacations as it is neither too hot nor too cold. The temperature ranges from 20°C to 30°C.

● The nightlife of Singapore is amazing. It is the most famous thing of Singapore.

● The language used in Singapore is english. Thus, it is user friendly and everyone can speak it and understand it.

● The places to visit in Singapore are countless. There are many beautiful places that fascinate the visitor.

● The things to do in Singapore are endless. The list will never end and you will have the curiosity to do all these wonderful things.


Tanjong Beach Club:

On sentosa island the most popular club for hangout is the Tanjong club. Here you can taste delicious Mediterranean dishes and do many things on beach such as on sun lounger soak up by sun,  play many games on beach, listen to house track, cosmopolitan view at beach and swim. Tanjong beach and clubs gets both so busy in afternoon, bar area in the club becomes so much crowded. The sentosa beach consists the open air complex but layout is semi shaded. In Tanjong club we see many section like mingling, drinking and dining, as well as for cooling off we can visit pool section of this club with consist many sun loungers and wooden deck. You can try different designer swimwears in the beach shop.

Hazy Singapore Straits offers beautiful views towards anchored cargo ship. These ship may not offer magical view but Tanjong Beach club is known for its magnificent views, it is most liked attraction spot for everyone in Singapore. During day the live musical show of international Dj’s provides pleasant soundtrack, thus lazing by beach. Here we can find large collection of wines, cocktails and many blended dishes. Popular beach food are following : 

● Seafood barbeque

● Beer battered fish

● Seafood linguine

● Dishes with tiger prawns

● Dish of fillets of fish. 

For drinks we have:

● Signatured Tanjong sling

● Vodka

● Drink of beer and elderflower,  apple and lychee

● Homemade Gazpacho. 


Nightlife at Tanjong beach Club:

At night full tanjong club and sentosa beach comes alive particularly on weekends. Popular parties are run here like Smack My Bitch Up. And other parties for experience joy under full moon is Full Moon Parties. The entry is totally free for Tanjong beach. But on scheduled events tickets should done before. It is so easy to reach tanjong Beach Club which is on the southern part of sentosa island. This club is right next to Sentosa Golf Club. It lies next to the Sentosa Golf course and it is very easy to reach. Millions of people visit it because of its nightlife. Full moon parties are the stand out on the Tanjong beach club. 

It has an open air semi shaded layout with different sections for dinner, drinking and dancing. There is also a large pool for cooling off. During the day time, there is a live house DJ that provides entertainment throughout the day. There are classic bars here that are very much better than all the bars of Sentosa. The food includes the seafood, fish chips and barbeques. 

So, now you have known about this beautiful place and thus, you must have kept it in your list. Tanjong beach club provides one of the most exciting experiences in Singapore and thus a visit to this place is must. Your Singapore trip will be completed after the visit to this place and the visit will be the most fun part of your trip.

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