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Night Safari Singapore

Night Safari - Singapore

Singapore is a treat to visit. Tourist from around the world visit singapore. In a report, more than 16 million tourists visited Singapore in the year 2016 alone. There are many reasons why people often visit Singapore. The first reason is the climate of the place. It is neither hot nor cold in Singapore. The climate remains gentle throughout the year. The second reason is the beautiful places to visit in Singapore. These places fascinates millions and have become a reason for people to visit Singapore. The third reason is the language. English is the common language of the people of Singapore and thus there is no communication gap between the people and the tourists. The fourth reason is the nightlife. The nightlife in Singapore is wonderful. There are places which never sleep and thus this has also become a centre of attraction for tourists.The fifth reason is the cleanliness and the transport of Singapore. All these are the major reasons for Singapore being so successful in inviting so many tourists.  The major reason being the beautiful places to visit.Amongst the places to visit is the night safari.



The world's first nocturnal zoo is the night safari. If you are the night owl, this place is perfect to visit and explore. It is also worth experience to stay awake for exploring night safari. In 1980s the idea of nocturnal parks are made. Officially on 26 May 1996 night safari was opened. It is spread over 35 hectares adjacent to reservoir,  rainforest and second zoo. Here we can see around 13 species of total 2,500 animals and about threatened animals are 38% present in this zoo. Wildlife Reservoir Singapore manages the night safari. 1.2 million visitors visit to night safari every year. It is located at 80 Mandai Lake Road,  Singapore. 

Night safari is the open zoo for day and night. This zoo is divided into seven geographical sections, which can be explored by foot, by tram or on safari track. In moonlight we can see many animals like pangolin, rhinoceros, Asian elephant and tarsiers. Night safari zoo is the open wildlife concept. Here we can see many types of cultural feast throughout the year includes fire eating display, night shows, tribal dance festival and many shows performed by animals. For beverage and food we can visit bongo burger, Ulu Ulu restaurant and Casa Italian. Instead of going to pop into club, nightspot, bars, visit night safari to mingle with different animals. The shutters of night safari opens as the dusk falls. Experience the dimly-lit homes of different animals. It takes around 35 minutes to explore the full night safari on wheels. 

Explore many attractions in night safari :

● Tram trail to see Asian elephant. 

● Safari adventure tour.

● Zone: Fishing Cat trail, Pangolin, Common Palm Civet. 

● Shows: Creatures of Night shows,  here we see the show of different animals like civet, binturongs and other amazed animals. Its duration is about 25 minutes. 

● Dine : An Evening in the wildlife,  Partake is so much exclusive and unique experience of night safari. 

● Cocktail Safari Express: enjoy moonlight experience with cocktail and a tram ride with drinks,  canape and exploring to see many animals.

● Gourmet Safari Express: it is the first gastronomic ride under the moonlight. Here you have to sit on the candlelit dinner. It gives breathtaking experience.

Many cultural performances are featured in night safari regularly. The animal perform and their performance is named as Creatures of the night show in which they perform very well and surely they will win over your hearts.

Thus, the visit to this zoo is important. If you are on a trip with family or on your honeymoon or with your friends, this is a place you can visit.

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