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Zoo Singapore

Zoo - Singapore

Singapore was known as an island. Now, it is no doubt a country, but people still call it a city-state. Singapore was a jungle before five hundred years. It was the home for many animals including wild animals. It has advanced from its situation in history and today it is the most beautiful tourist spot in the world. People always seem to visit Singapore because of its beauty or because of so many things to do. No doubt, there are so many reasons to visit Singapore. These are its ideal climate, its language, its cleanliness, its beautiful places, its nightlife and many more. But there is another thing, which you will be craving to do if you visit Singapore. The visit i am talking about is the visit to its Zoos.

Singapore has a collection of a few Zoos but these are one of the finest and the most beautiful Zoos of the world. The most beautiful zoos among all the zoos of Singapore are

● Singapore Zoo.

● Night Safari.

● River Safari.

● Jurong Reptile park.

● Jurong Bird park.

Singapore Zoo:

This is the most important zoo in Singapore. The biggest and the most precious zoo in Singapore is the Singapore zoo. It has 11 zones, each consisting of some of the most distinctive global wildlife habitats in the world. There are so many rare animals present in Singapore zoo like Inuka, the first polar bear of tropics. Even kangaroos are found in this zoo. These are found in the Australasia exhibit. Other zones include Primate Kingdom, where you can find 39 species of primates. Specials events take place in this zoo. The most iconic among them is the Zoo-rassic park exhibit. For kids, there are animatronic dinosaurs. This is a must visit place in Singapore.

Night Safari:

It is the world’s first nocturnal zoo. It is one of the most attractive place of Singapore for tourists. There are about 25,00 animals present in the park. These are of 130 species out of which 38% are threatened species. Every year, more than 1 million people visit the night safari. It was award for being in the top 10 best family experience category. Since it came into existence till now, 11 millions visitors have visited Night safari. A regular feature of night safari is the cultural performances. There is a show, creatures of the night show, in which animals of night safari are presented.

River Safari:

It is a river themed zoo in Singapore. It was built on 30 acres of land. It is the first such zoo in Asia and features water animals as well. The main attraction in this zoo is the river boat tour of the zoo. This is a very beautiful zoo and looks even beautiful with the presence of land animals and water animals. The zoo has 10 different ecosystems present from around the world. There are 5,000 animals of 300 species. The most peculiar among all species are the anacondas and electric eels. The zoo offers a river boat ride for the tour of zoo and it is known as Amazon River Quest.

Jurong Bird park:

Jurong bird park is the most attractive tourist place in Jurong. It is fully managed by the wildlife Reserves of Singapore. It spread for almost 49 acres and consists of 5000 birds of 40p species. It has the largest collection of birds in the entire world. The birds there are beautiful and it is not possible to be able to see so many different varieties of birds at one place. In Jurong, there is also a Jurong Reptile park which has a different variety of reptiles.

So, the above mentioned zoos are the most beautiful zoos of Singapore. Thus, when you are planning on visiting Singapore, make sure you visit the zoo of your choice.

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