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Family Tour Packages Singapore

Singapore is a country that should be in your list. It is a very attractive and beautiful country. Singapore is the best country to visit when it comes to vocations especially with family. The tourism of singapore provides the major portion of its economy. Millions of tourists visit Singapore everywhere. Many of them visit Singapore twice or thrice in their lifetime. It is such a beautiful country to visit for holidays. Singapore is the best vacation spot because:

  • It is very easy to reach.
  • The places there are very easy to reach because of terrific transport facilities.
  • It is a country free of many major types of pollutions like noise pollution, etc and it is a very clean country.
  • The economic packages available are comparatively genuine and cheap.
Visiting singapore will definitely enrich your vocations and you can visit Singapore according to following packages:

INR 3000 INR 1000 / person
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INR 19000 INR 17000 / person
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INR 29000 INR 27000 / person
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INR 39000 INR 37000 / person
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INR 13000 INR 11000 / person
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INR 4000 INR 3000 / person
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INR 4500 INR 3500 / person
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INR 5500 INR 4500 / person
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INR 7000 INR 6000 / person
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INR 7000 INR 6000 / person
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Family tour package:

Singapore is best for family vocations. You can visit Singapore with you full family which might even include kids of the age of even four. There are lot of things to do in Singapore for the whole family. The package can be of different types. Following are some frequently taken packages by people:

3 days and 2 nights package

4 days and 3 nights package

5 days and 4 nights package

6 days and 5 nights package

7 days and 6 nights package

These packages include many things like:

  • Adventurous tours.
  • Providing all types of food.
  • Providing tours to attractive places.
  • Giving experience of Singapore’s nightlife.
  • Temple tours.
  • Market tours.
  • Cruise ride.

Description of family tour package:

There will be no problem in reaching Singapore via flight. The transportation will be available for all of your package. You will be given the boarding in a luxurious hotel and there you will enjoy the overall stay of your vacations. The family tour includes the visit to the following place and you will enjoy the following things:

Sentosa Island:

This has to be the first place to go because this island is full of places where a family can enjoy to the fullest. There are many places that will attract a family. The best of which is Universal studios, Resort world Sentosa and S.E.A Aquarium.

Universal studios provide a treat to kids as it has many themes and having a full tour of universal studios will be a lot of fun. Resort world Sentosa covers more than half of Sentosa island. You can have the best food there. S.E.A Aquarium is the world’s largest aquarium and it is in the form of tunnel. The most beautiful aquarium you will ever see.

Colonial district:

This district has two places where you and your family can enjoy a lot.

Fort Canning park: It is a big park in the middle of the city. It has many steps and it provides you to refresh yourself.

Mint Museum of toys: This is a unique thing only found in Singapore. It contains 50,000 toys brought from 40 countries of the world.


There are two major hindu temples in Singapore.

Sri Mariamman temple: It is the oldest hindu temple of Singapore. It was constructed in 1823 and it is a beautiful colourful temple which will give you a feeling of India in Singapore.

Sri Veeramakaliamman temple:

It is situated in the area known as Little India. It is the most beautiful temple, by this i mean, this temple is so beautiful that it is even beautiful than many temples of India as well.


There are many shopping places but for your family, the best are given below:

1- Orchard Road malls (night shopping).

2- Chinatown.

Orchard Road malls are the most famous malls for its nightlife. This area never sleeps and you can find very tall malls with all the things you want to shop. Chinatown is a famous area for shopping of cheap cost things.

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