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Jurong Bird Park Singapore

Jurong Bird Park - Singapore

Singapore visit is the most exciting visit considered throughout the world. People desire to come to Singapore as it has become a hub for tourists. It beauty has attracted billions of people till now. Tourists get fascinated when they visit Singapore because of the beautiful places they see there. There is an endless list of places which you can visit during your trip to singapore. The beautiful places are not alone responsible for tourist attraction, there are other factors also that mark equal importance. These factors include

● Climate: The intermediate climatic conditions of Singapore is responsible for tourist attraction.

● Language: The language spoken in Singapore is English. The use of english makes it easier for tourists to communicate.

● Nightlife: This is one of the beat features of Singapore. One must come and enjoy the nightlife of Singapore. There are places that never sleep during the night.

● Things to do: There are countless things to do in Singapore. Now, adventure sports have also been introduced and that has attracted even more tourists.

But, beautiful places play a vital role to attract millions of tourists to Singapore. One among the many beautiful places is the jurong bird park.

Jurong Bird Park:

In jurong the most beautiful tourist attraction is Jurong bird park. This aviary is operated and fully managed by the Wildlife Reserves of Singapore. It is almost spreaded over 0.2 kilometres, which is located at the Jurong hill on the western slope. Dr Goh Keng Swee had an idea of permanent aviary, then he visited park ''zoological please park ‘’ and their he saw the magnificent view of free flying birds. So he made a perfect idea for free flying aviary in Singapore which can match the ideas of escaping from urban life and exploring the nature. In 1969 the ares on western slope on jurong hill with 35 acre was the site then its work was completed on 3 January 1971. Jurong park can be visited using transport. This service is provided by SBS transit 194 from Boon lay bus interchange.

It is the world's largest free flying aviary zoo, thus it became famous because we can see many magnificent birds of different species like flock of flamingos. It consists 400 species of 5,000 birds and almost 29 species of bird that are threatened species are also present their. Some of the lists of birds that are present in this aviary zoo are

● Crowned crane, pigeon

● Barbet

● Cassowary

● Black hornbill

● Eclectus parrot

● Bali myna

● Fish owl

● Night heron

● Blue and yellow macaw

● American, caribbean flamingos

● Ostrich.

It also consist many section of attraction as it is spreaded over vast area and is first largest aviary zoo. The biggest attraction of this park us that visitors can have lunch with parrots.

African Waterfall Aviary: It is over 4.9 acres and it contains more than 700 flying birds of about 50 species. It also consist the man-made waterfalls and its name is Jurong falls, it is the tallest artificial waterfall in the world.

Dinosaur Descendants: This section is full of birds that cannot fly like ostrich, rhea, cassowaries and emu. That is why they are called Dinosaur Descendants.

Lorry lofts: It is of nine story building height and is spreaded over 32,000 square feets. It is the walk - in - flight to see aviary especially for lorikeets and Lorie.

Jurong Bird Park is such a beautiful park that the time you spend there will be in your memories forever. The birds there are beautiful and you won’t be able to see so many different varieties of birds at one place. Thus, when you visit Singapore for a trip, keep the visit of this lovely, beautiful park in your list. The visit to this park will mesmerize you in a very different way.

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