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Temples and Churches Singapore

Temples and Churches - Singapore

Singapore is a country of many religions, cultures and traditions. It is famous for the vast variety of cultures present in Singapore. Having so many cultures must accompany a large number of places related to such culture and religion. So, it is natural to find so many temples and churches in Singapore. Singapore has a wide range of temples and these temples are as old as 200 years. These temples are of Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists and also there are churches for Christians. Some of the famous temples and churches are:


● Sri Mariamman Temple.

It is the biggest and the oldest Hindu temple in Singapore. You may think you will find this temple in the area of Little India but it lies on the side of Chinatown. It has been declared as a National Monument and is famous for Theemithi(Fire Walking Ceremony). This temple is dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Rain.

● Sri veeramakaliamman Temple.

When you will visit Little India in Singapore, the centre of attraction for you will be this temple. This temple is dedicated to the 14-handed Goddess, Kali. Kali is a Goddess in Hinduism who fights the evil and wins over it. The ceiling of this temple have pictures of many Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

● Sri Krishnan Temple.

This temple is very unique in its own self. If you have the visit to a Buddhist temple and a Hindu temple on your list, then you can fulfill this by visiting this temple as it contains an alter of Buddhist Goddess of Mercy and also have statues dedicated to Hindu Gods. This temple was formed in the 19th century when Lord Krishna’s statue was placed under a banyan tree on waterloo street.


Thian Hock Keng Temple.

Location wise, it is on the top of the list. The construction of this temple is based on Chinese architecture and is as old as 200 years. This temple is dedicated to Ma Zu, the taoist Goddess of the sea. Behind this temple are smaller temples of Buddhist Goddess of Mercy.

● Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

You must visit this place with your family to know about the history of Buddhism. This is the major temple where Vesak day, (one of the most important holy days of Buddhists) is celebrated. The architecture of this country is inspired by the Tang Dynasty. There is also a museum on the side of this temple where all the things related to Lord Buddha are present.

Burmese Buddhist Temple.

In this temple, a statue of Lord Buddha is displayed. This statue is 11 foot tall and weighs 10 ton. It is made up of white marble. It arrived in Singapore in the early 20th century. On the side of the statue is a bodhi tree which makes the statue alive. Bodhi tree was where Lord Buddha attained enlightenment.


● St Andrew’s Cathedral.

This is the largest and the oldest Anglican church in Singapore. It was named after the patron saint of Scotland as it was founded by Scottish traders.

● Saint Joseph’s Church.

It is a very beautiful Gothic type church build in the centre of the main Singapore city. The most beautiful features of this church are a central octagonal tower, 2 other octagonal towers(smaller), stained glass, tall windows and wonderful statues. This church is famous for Good friday and Easter celebrations.

● Armenian Church.

This church was built in 1835 and as the name suggests, it architecture is influenced from Armenian architecture. The main features of this church are the large columns, a tall spire and a beautiful garden.

These were all the major temples and churches of Singapore. There are many more but the visit to these is must. Whenever you visit Singapore, try to keep these places in your list and surely they will bring peace to your minds.

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