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Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Gardens by the Bay - Singapore

Singapore is the tourist hub of the world. It is because of the fact that there are so many places to visit. You cannot see all the places if you have a short visit to Singapore. To see all the places, you need to visit again to completely explore all the places of Singapore. One of the beautiful places in Singapore is the Gardens By the Bay.

Magic of Singapore lies in Cosmopolitan feeling, and it's desire is to improve the city in all aspects. One of the best facility here is transport , so everyone can find places easily and explore the full Singapore city with the help of efficient transport. The beautiful policy of Singapore is to make green jungles from urban jungles. Botanic gardens in Singapore was established in 1960 and is declared as the heritage of UNESCO. The full garden is of themed gardens , endless law and themed lakes. Different kind of themed gardens are the Gardens on the bay. All the gardens on the bay are full of modem fantasy theme. These gardens on the bay replicate cloud forest , supertrees and bio- domes , along with artificial breathtaking waterfalls.


It is natural park which is spreaded over 250 acres that is 101 hectares. It is located in the central Singapore that is adjacent to Marina reservoir. It was created in 2012. The main strategy of the Singapore government is to change Garden city to the City of gardens. It's aim is to enhance the greenery of the full city and raise the quality of flora all over the city for the beautiful nature and view. In 2005 prime minister of Singapore at National day announced that Garden by bay are magnificent recreational outdoor and these gardens are announced to be national icons. In 2006 Gardens by bays were top ranked as per the design of parks. Garden by bays consists of three waterfront gardens: 

Bay South garden

Bay East garden

Bay Central garden.

1.Bay South Garden: this garden was opened on 29 June 2012 for public. It is spreaded over 54 hectares that are almost 130 acres , thats why this bay south garden is the largest garden then bay East garden and bay central garden. It's aim is to show tropical horticulture. The main inspiration of these gardens are orchards, as this flower is the national flower of this country. 

● Roots of orchard are conservatories, that are waterfront.

● Leaves of this orchard are landforms.

● Shoots of orchard are linkways, roads and paths.

Conservatory complete of Garden by bay consists two conservators mainly, 

● Tye Flower dome

● The Cloud forest.

World's largest columnless glasshouse is ‘ Flower dome, which is spreaded over 1 hectares. Here rainwater is reserved and then used for cooling system. Supertrees plays interesting role to cool the circulated rainwater and vent hot air. Cloud forest is spreaded over 0.8 hectares. Here we descend the beautiful mountain through circular path and about 35 metre waterfalls give beautiful view to the visitors eyes with cool air. Multitude of functions are given by vertical gardens. The main structure that dominates the landscape of gardens are Supertrees with height range 25 to 50 metres. These Supertrees are homes for orchards, ferns, vines and other collection of plants.

Horticulture themed gardens consist different themes according to ‘’plants and planets’’. This themed gardens are heritages which mainly focuses on the economically on many plants of South East Asia and Singapore. It's aim is to know about different plants species.

2.Bay East Garden: It is located at the marina reservoir and spreaded over 32 hectares. Summer youth Olympic was organised in the park of this bay. It is series of large leaf shaped garden and represent tropical view. It consists unique landscape and themes. It give mainly view of skyline.

3.Bay Central Garden: it is the link between south bay and East bay garden. Spreaded over 15 hectares at least, with waterfront which gives beautiful scenic view.

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