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Top 10 Dishes Singapore

Top 10 Dishes - Singapore

Singapore is a tourist hub. The places in singapore are beautiful and the things to do are many. The nightlife of Singapore is famous all around the world and the climate of the country is well suited to enjoy a vacation. The language used in Singapore also favours its tourism. In a research, it was found that, in 2016 alone, 16 million tourists visited Singapore. Apart from all these things, the food of Singapore is amazing. The taste, variety and the recipes of the dishes is wonderful. People from all over the world visit Singapore and taste the varied variety of food there.

Here we find ethnically diverse range of dish with blend of manu cuisines like Malay,  western, Japanese and Indonesian influence. It is gastronomically so gratifying experience to taste the cuisine of Singapore, top 10 Dishes are given below :


1.Hainanese Chicken rice: Rice cooked with the juicy steamed chicken stock. It is so fulfilling dish and quick. It is the favourite dish of people of Singapore and also for visitors. The fragrant aroma of steamed rice is so mesmerising. 


2.Chilli crab: It consists chill tomato base cooked with hard shell crab along with thick gravy. Here the crab is partially cooked. The gravy consists of eggs, ketchup and chili sauce. 


3.Laksa: It is delicious coconut curry soup with rice noodles and it’s gravy is made of chicken meat, eggs, fish cake and shrimp. Laksa is  a blend of chinese and Malaysian cuisine, it consists many types of variants,  best among them is Katong Laksa. Cookies are also added sometimes to this dish.


4.Char Kway Teow: It is tasty blend of chinese blend with many other ingredients like clams, fish cake, bean sprouts and black soya sauce with fried onions and noodles. 


5. Hokkien Prawn Mee: It is mixture of many taste,  slices of chicken and pork are cooked with fried Hokkien noodles along with prawns. Other ingredients are also used such as vinegar, chili, fish cake and soy sauce. In Singapore, they make use of thick, flat egg noodles.


6.Barbecued Stingray: It is a classical Street dish of Singapore which is found at every street, it is most popular seafood which is served at hawker centres. As it is the classical blend of sambal sauce and stingray meat along with chillies, tomatoes (diced), shrimp paste which is perfectly wrapped into leaf of banana for further grill. 


7.Fish Head Curry: It is much healthy dish,  vegetables are cooked with huge head of fish along with lime juice. It is the blend of Malay,  chinese and south Indian cuisine. Sometimes for sweet sour taste tamarind juice are added. 


8. Satay: It is a dish in which grilled meat is served with rice cake, peanut sauce and cucumber -chili relish. It actually makes an excellent starter for a meal. It flavour is awesome and it has a strong turmeric scent. You have a choice to choose from pork, chicken or mutton.


9. Char Siew Rice or Noodles: It is rice or noodles. This dish is completed when you have rice with a generous serving of barbequed pork in a thick sauce solution.


10. Oyster omelette: It is a dish made by the mixture of eggs and oyster. The egg is first mixed with flour and then fried with oysters garnished with coriander leaves.

These dishes are in the menu of many big restaurants of singapore. The above were the top 10 dishes that must be tasted in Singapore when you visit there. All these dishes are found to be of different taste as a tinch of Singapore’s old recipes and cultures is also added while their preparation. So, it should be on your list to taste all these delicious dishes.

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