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Camp Tour Packages Singapore

Camp tour packages

Are you looking for the destination for a holiday with camp tour packages? Well, now is the time to consider camping in your backyard. While most of the people don’t prefer tent adventures, camping is still the best and cheap option.

Roast dishes over the campfire, share stories about the things you are afraid of or try to build your tents. While Singapore camping is no longer permitted at Noordin Beach in PulauUbin, Changi Beach Park and Sister’s Islands, you are only allowed to camp at 5 places mentioned below

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East Coast Park - Watch skies from dusk to dawn

Every local of Singapore has traveled to East Coast Park but only some of them have experienced the beauty from dusk to dawn. If you are looking for the adventure and comfort both, this is the best place to go with camp tour packages. You’ll be equipped fully with clean toilets, barbeque pits, etc.

Some of the activities like in-line skating, sandcastle building, surfing, prawning and kayaking are available.

Go for the tent on PulauHantuBesar – The Private Island

People who love camping who want to rough out like Bear Grylls, PulauHantu is as wild as Singapore gets. You’ll be on your own here, without 7-11s or backup plan to Uber Home. PulauHantu is called ‘Ghost Island’ in English.

The 13-acre land of the place will be only yours. For your huts, you’ll be treated with the white sand beach, unbeatable zen, and snorkeling in the reefs.

It is essential to take the camping permit for Singapore camping at least 7 working days before by contacting Southern Islands Management with your contact number, name, date of camping and number of campers.

PasirRis Park – For couples

Couple goals aren’t complete without romantic night under the stars. The place is perfect for camping on the quieter side of the island, yet fuss-free with all the modern facilities you are looking for.

When the day breaks, you can explore 6-hectare mangrove trail, get lost in the maze garden, learn stand-up boarding or go for the pony ride at Gallop stable. Withcamp tour packages, experience the special date which you’ll look back with fond memories while you get old.

PulauUbin – Journey to the Kampung life

There’s no camping without getting out of the comfort zone. The overnight stay in a tent will surely keep you on your feet, as you’ll have to keep a lookout for the rare wild boars.

Singapore camping at the place means you have the time to ride up the granite hills, explore ChekJawa and mirror type tide pools. Just make sure to keep an eye on the tides.

If it is your first time in camping, go for Jelutong which is next to the Ubin town and has the facilities for a campfire. While washroom facilities are available, water isn’t suitable for bathing or drinking, So, make sure to get a dry shampoo and talcum powder with you.

Things to carry

Tents: It is the most basic one that looks like sheds. Make sure they can survive rain and wind both. Scan the surroundings before setting up the tent – look for the rat holes.

Sleeping Bag: For Singapore camping, invest in the inflatable pillow or airbed for best comfort.

Lots of drinks and water: Keep yourself hydrated with coconut water as it is better than water.

Talcum Powder and dry shampoo: If you won’t be able to shower.

Torchlight with extra batteries: They’ll be useful as the lights that you can hang inside the tent.

Portable charger: Don’t get the flat one.

Cutlery for cooking: For the best Singapore camping experience, get the solid fuels so that you can cook easily.

Trash bags: After food, make sure to clean up especially on the islands or deal with the dogs nosing around the tent in the middle of the night.

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