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Singapore Flyer Singapore

Singapore Flyer - Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful country of the world. The beautiful places in Singapore fill your heart with joy and wonder. The natural beauty of Singapore is fascinating and people across the world come to see these places. All these places have become a centre of attraction for the people around the world. Visiting Singapore must be in your list because of the natural beauty of the places of Singapore. Apart from the natural beauty, Singapore tourism have been successful during the last 2 decades to create artificial beauty of high quality. These places are filled with joy and beauty which is incomparable. Because of natural as well as artificial beauty(by artificial, we mean, the man made things which look beautiful), people visit Singapore. On average, more than 16 millions tourists visit Singapore every year. The climate of Singapore compliments this beautiful place very well. The temperature is neither more nor less but remains between 20°C to 30°C. 

The tourism sector of Singapore has been able to maintain all the natural beauty of the places and has complimented them with other man-made beautiful things. They have been able to keep the natural heritage alive. Singapore is a country which allows all the cultures to be practiced. The major language spoken in Singapore is English which makes it easier for tourists to communicate with the people of Singapore. These are the reasons why people prefer visiting Singapore over other tourist places. The eco-friendly country is world’s leading tourist place.

There are countless places you can visit and enjoy. One among them is very famous Singapore Flyer.

Singapore flyer:

Singapore flyer is situated in the main city. It is located in the heart of the Marina Bay. It is a giant wheel which rotates about a fixed point carrying hundreds of passengers. It was opened in 2008 and its construction took almost 3 years. The first paying passenger were carried by Singapore flyer on 11th february, 2008. It consist of many capsules to carry passengers and these capsules are air-conditioned as well. Each capsule is able to accomodate 28 passenger at a time. 

The height of the Singapore flyer is 541 ft and was world’s highest ferris wheel until the High Roller(550 ft) took its place. It was built along the Marina Sand Bay. Every year, more than 7 million people take a ride of Singapore flyer. The pattern of its rotation for one go is that it rotates constantly for 32 minutes. These 32 minutes are the most adventurous minutes you will spend in your entire life. When reaches the top of Singapore flyer, whole of the city is visible and it gives you a feeling that you have seen every nook and corner of Singapore.

In total there are 28 air-conditioned capsules, each has a capacity of 28 passengers. Thus, in total, at a time in one rotation, 784 passengers ride on the Singapore flyer. For the first months of its start, it only rotated in counter-clockwise direction. But after few months, it started to rotate in the other direction as well. It gives you a 360 degree view of Singapore. It takes you as high as 42 story building. It has been stopped several times in the future because of minor faults. The adrenaline rushes so fast when you come down from a height of 541 ft. It is one of the most essential places to visit. So, never forget to keep Singapore Flyer on your list.

Thus, a visit to Singapore flyer is must. This is one of the most special places that Singapore has. Singapore flyer is as famous as many other places of Singapore. Thus, keep a visit to this places in your Singapore tour packages for sure.

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