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Eating Out Singapore

Eating Out - Singapore

Singapore is a country with the best of the scenic beauty. It is the most famous place to spend the vocations with your family, wife and friends. There are so many attractive things to do and the places to go are countless. But what else is the speciality of this country is its different variety of food available. 

In Lion City restaurant section of Singapore is a complete guide added to dining, with lot of reviews for restaurants and best eating out places in the full Singapore. Citizens of Singapore ‘ Singaporean’ greets others With loving expression ‘’ have you eaten yet ‘’, this mentions their food obsession. Variety is found in the main Racial cuisine of Singapore, that are Chinese, Eurasian, Malay and Indian. Now due to visit of almost 1.9 billion visitors every year , the cuisine gets advanced by including Vietnamese, Spanish, Thai , Turkish and Italian. Singapore is also known as the Food Capital of Asia. As the people of Singapore, its cuisines are also ethnically much diverse because they blend many cuisines together with Chinese, Italian, thai or Vietnamese influence.

Some of the best dishes in Singapore:

LAKSA: It is a blend of Malay and Chinese cuisine.Spicy curry soup of coconut with noodles,fish cake, shrimp, chicken meat.

HAINANESE CHICKEN RICE: Rice cooked with steamed chicken and its stock along with fragrant aroma and awesome flavours 

Chilli Crab: In tomato gravy ,hard shell crab is cooked. Steam cracks the crab completely.

Hokkien Prawn Mee: noodles are fried with the squid, fish cake, prawn and soya sauce.

Barbecued Stingray: it is popular dish mainly served at hawkers

In Singapore we find world’s best foodies flock and  sophisticated diners . In Singapore world's best restaurants are situated. Here we find quality of world- class  and sheer varieties of best dining scenes.

Some of the top listed restaurants in Singapore are:

1.Iggy’s ( orchard road ) : 

Opening hours: Monday  to friday 

Lunch time: 12:00 to 13:30

Dinner time: 19:00 to 21:30

Address: 581 orchard road.

2.Restaurant Andre ( chinatown ): 

Opening hours: tuesday to sunday.

Lunch time: 12:00 to 14:00

Dinner time: 19:00 to 23:00.

3.Raffles Grill ( civic district ):

Opening hours: Monday to Friday.

Lunch time: 12:00 to 14:00

Dinner time: 19:00 to 22:00

4.The Tippling Club ( Chinatown ):

Opening time: Monday to friday

Lunch time: 12:00 to 15:00

Dinner time: 18:00 to late

5.Waku Ghin ( Marina Bay ):

Opening time: All time open

On Duxton hill new neighbourhood of foodies are created in chinatown. This hill is full of cool bars and restaurants. It feel pleasure to walk down and scroll from the narrow streets of hill. These are few eateries that are popular around the full city.


It is the oldest bar and restaurant on the Duxton hill, it is also a night spot for visitors. Some of the popular dishes are 

● Risotto bolognaise

● Dessert sticks , Aussie theme

● Sticky meat ribs

● Pavlova with chocolate and fresh fruits


We can have plenty of delicious hot and cold dishes like Spanish potato omelette, prawns in olives and Spanish ham.


Here we find eleven different varieties of italian soft cheese dish and all types of pizza available.

Some of the nearest stalls near the city where you could reach to easily to have a meal are:

● Zam zam: It is situated near the famous Sultan mosque where you can find all the muslim food.

● Chinatown food street: if you love the chinese food, you can have the best quality of chinese food here.

● Tekka centre: In Singapore, you can find the best Indian food here. It is very near to the city and you can enjoy your meal according to your Indian taste.

Thus, Singapore provides you with a large variety of food and you will be able to taste all the different food at a reasonable price and delicious taste.

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