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Nightlife Singapore

Nightlife - Singapore

Nightlife of Singapore is always centred around the whole city with blusting lights. Every visitor can easily have all type of delicious food available at the  narrow streets of Chinatown. From Marina Bay you can see the full magnificent view of Singapore, you can head to this Bay for cocktail and then music night starts in Clarke Quay for beating the dance floor. In Singapore, we can visit many rooftop bar from which we can see the blissful beauty of many places as Garden of Bay, Singapore Flyer and many more. Some of the best nightlife in the city Singapore are below mentioned:


Party hub in Clarke quay of Singapore is very famous. Some of the beautiful things that  imprints especially on the first time visitors minds are Buzzing nightlife, beautiful life and dazzling lights. After sun-set there are many mind boggling themes of pubs, bars and restaurants. In Clarke Quay we can find stores, recreation outlets and different themed bars. At the Forbidden City best bars are forbidden bar and Bar cocoon.

Popular Nightlife in Clarke Quay are: 

ZOUK: All club scenes begin in Zouk. It is most popular club,it is the largest club where live music and live performance is shown by international DJ’S and popular singers. it is also compared with all the best clubs and bars of EUROPE. It music is spunned by world class best DJ’S. On Wednesday full club shakes its musical grabs and play almost 90’s to 100’s pop mix. 

Velvet underground was also established the world class club Zouk , this bar is mainly for high techno grabs. Here music is mostly Garage and soul.

Phuture here music is mix of all types of high techno. Here eclectic mix is made from downtempo, trip hop and drums.


This is the fascinating focal point of Singapore. After dark , massive complex is the beautiful and full of lightning place. Visitors can go to Marina bay sands for refreshing breezes and cool atmosphere, from high top of Marina Bay you can see the light show of full Singapore. There are so many clubs around the bay for full day and night parties by the water. There are marvelous rooftop bars that adds the Marina Bay Sands in top listed nightlife place of Singapore.

Popular nightlife in Marina Bay Sands:

1 Altitude bar: it gives the highest view of the Singapore city. It is world's first Alfresco bar with gives magnificent and soothing view to eyes because it is on the 63rd floor of Raffles place along with vista of 360° degree . It offer a real view because of glass panels of shoulder height. Here live bands are hosted by international DJ’S. It gives decent view to eyes. The bar is at the first floor of 1 Altitude and at the top floor is about 360° altitude. It gives unparallele view of Singapore. Dance floor is changed from skycrapping lounge at every night. It have signature cocktail, which is the best combination of green tea, lemongrass and vodka.

Kinki Rooftop Bar: it gives best Japanese with urban attitude. Next door is the Fullerton bay. Here every day live band are performed.

CE LA VI Singapore: on 57th floor of Marina bay sands , this bar gives us one of the best view of the city. It is hottest rooftop bar in the city. Crowd gets busier as the sun goes down. Club lounge is changed into dancing floor.

3.ORCHARD ROADS: it is the most famous shopping belt in the night scene at Emerald hill. Here we can chill in Alfresco bars, cool pubs and delicious serving cuisine restaurants. The streets of this road are most magnificent. Behind orchard road is the Emerald hill. Some of the popular bars around the orchard hill are 

● Emerald hill

● Alley bar Singapore

● The Mansion

● Brix


It is the best bet to go the bars of Sentosa beach. For most liveliest places visit

● Tanjong beach bar

● Azzura beach bars

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