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Tiger Brewery Singapore

Tiger Brewery - Singapore

Singapore has developed in the recent decades into an economic giant and a tourist attraction place. It is a very beautiful country. Singapore is also known as the lion city. Millions of people visit Singapore from around the globe every year. In 2016 alone, more than 16 million tourists visited Singapore. There are many reason why so many people visit Singapore. These reasons are given below:

1. Beautiful places.

There are countless beautiful places in Singapore to visit.

2. Climate.

The climate of Singapore remains moderate throughout the year.

3. Language.

The most common language used in the world is English. Same language is spoken in Singapore.

4. Things to do.

There is a list of endless things to do in Singapore. From tours to adventure, from trying food to fun at the museums, the things to do in Singapore never ends.

5. Nightlife.

This is the most famous thing in Singapore. People from around the globe have a fantasy to live the nightlife of Singapore. The places in Singapore never sleep and even the shopping malls operate for 24 hours. The time you will spend in Singapore will be full of life and fun activities. On your trip to singapore, you will not be sitting idle in your hotel room because everyday, there will be something new to explore. The historical monuments will inspire you and the best place to know deeply about the history of Singapore is Tiger Brewery.

One of the iconic things in the history of Singapore has been the tiger beer which is the native beer brewed in Singapore. There is a tour of tiger brewery and there, visitors come to know tiger brewery works.



It recapitulates the process of history of tiger beer. It has the brewing experience of 80 years and they allow you to find out how the humble local beer of Singapore is made. Tourists were able to have a tour of tiger brewery but it has been closed recently for visitors. In the tiger brewery tour, visitors were made to see the whole processing of the tiger beer.


Tiger brewery tour:

In this tour, find out how this beer is processed and how it gained fame all over the world. This tour included the visit to four different chambers. These are:

● Brew house:

It displayed the ingredients that were mixed into the tiger beer brew. This is a place where all these special ingredients meet together to become the finest drink of the world. All the beers which were brewed here used four simple ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. Here, the brewing process took 5 steps:

1. Milling.

2. Mashing and boiling

3. Fermentation.

4. Storage.

5. Filtration.

In Singapore, tiger beer is mainly brewed but others are also brewed sometimes.


● Packaging Gallery:

The closest view is provided to the visitor ls of how the brewed tiger beer is packed. It displayed the complete journey of tiger bear bottle while its packing. 


● Tiger Tavern:

It is a place decorated with wood and leather and this place gives you a chance to have a glass of freshest tiger beer available anywhere in the world. Drink a range of brewed beer samples but remember, drink responsibly and under limits. 


● Tiger Den:

These are very unique places and you will only find these places here in this corner of Singapore. You can have one of the heritage t-shirts here. These provide one of the best places for exclusive gifts while returning to your hotel. 

Thus, the whole Tiger Brewery tour is described and the wonderful experience one would have while being on this tour. Tiger brewery takes us to the most superior part of Singapore’s history and is an iconic thing in its own sense. This tour is considered as a classic tour to know about the history of Singapore.

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