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Botanic Gardens Singapore

Botanic Gardens - Singapore

Singapore is a very beautiful city state. It was once a jungle but now has turned into a tourist hub. Singapore is famous all around the world for its beautiful places. Being an advanced country, you can still find so much greenery in Singapore. It has a huge number of gardens and park which make this country naturally beautiful. Millions of people visit these parks and gardens throughout the year. These are maintained naturally and no change has been done to their natural look. That is why, people from all over come to see this natural scenic beauty. One amongst many beautiful gardens is the botanic Garden.


Botanic Garden:

It is the tropical garden that is around 158 years old which is located at Orchard road’s fringe in Singapore. Its is the first and only tropical garden awarded by UNESCO world heritage site. This garden is the top ranked tourist attractions in full Asia since 2013 and received 3 stars rating. It is also declared as the Garden of the year and in 2012 this garden won international Garden Tourism Award. This garden was created in 1859 and is spreaded over 74 hectares. This garden was found by agri-horticultural society. It plays important role in trading rubber. As global latex production was found in Malayan peninsula.

Attractions present  in Botanic garden 

This garden is open from 5am to midnight. We don't have to pay entry fee. But National Orchid Garden is not free to visit. Holland Road and Napier road bordered this botanic garden. There are many entry gates of garden and grand entrance is from the Tanglin gate. 


1.National orchid garden : within botanic garden this orchid garden is the main attraction. In the botanic garden it is located at the mid western side of this garden.  It is 3 hectare hilly area which contains around 2,000 hybrid and 1,000 species of orchid. There are three attractions present in the orchid garden:

● BURKILL HALL: it is bungalows of colonial plantation which was built in 1886. It acts as the director area for the garden, its name is given from Isaac and humphrey. Here this hall is served as exhibition for different  hybrids

● VIP ORCHID GARDEN :  it display showcasing information about different and unique VIP orchids and it is situated at the back of orchid garden such vip orchids are princess diana, dendrobium elizabeth and much more. 

● TAN HOON SIANG MIST HOUSE: It contains many type of colourful and beautiful  hybrids.  Here we can see collection of best fragrant hybrids of orchids as Vanda Mimi Palmer. 


2.Ginger Garden : It is situated at the side of National orchid garden and it is spreaded over one hectare. It represents  the family Zingiberaceae members together. There is a beautiful waterfall along Tyersall avenue. This was opened for public in 2003.


3.Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden : this garden is named after jewish Singaporeans jacob and balla. It is situated at the north side of  the botanic garden. It has many cafe, restaurants and bars for visitors. It consists  waterplay themes,  treehouse with long slides and a maze. BUKIT TIMAH ROAD is the entrance for this Children’s parks.


4.Tanglin gate and Botany centre :

First green roof is the green pavilion, many types of grass and weeds covers the top of building. The pathway of botanic garden is covered with beautiful leaf imprints. We can see wood carving on sides.  In Botany centre we see library of horticulture and botany,  herbarium of Singapore and micro plantation.

These things make it necessary for you to visit this garden. It brings relief to your mind and the greenery makes you relax physically as well as mentally. This place sees the attendance of more than 5 million people every year. Thus, botanic garden must be in your list when you will visit Singapore.

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