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Clarke Quay and Riverside Singapore

Clarke Quay and Riverside - Singapore

Singapore has always been popular for its shopping places. One of the most popular shopping places is the Clarke Quay and Riverside.

Clarke Quay:

The surrounding riverside and Clarke Quay area in Singapore are most excited nightlife scene and also we can visit handful of popular restaurants with best dining by the riverside. Around the riverside of Clarke Quay we have best market like old colonial shop houses and lightfull stalls. Robertson Quay which is located at the west of Clarke Quay where we can see relaxed and peaceful market. You can see the market down the mouth of riverside of Clarke Quay. We can visit many of the popular malls. We can see top ranked art shop, craft shops and fashion boutiques. These markets around the Clarke Quay are the most visited tourists spot. The light of the city reflects the beautiful shops in series. Thus creates best spot for nightlife shopping,  dining and alfresco wining. Full area around the Clarke Quay and its riverside are crowded with bars, restaurants and shopping  malls. You can visit many popular shopping malls such as:


1. Central Clarke Quay :

Address : 6 EU Tong Sen Street. 

It is the modern mall which is located in the Central Clarke Quay, you can visit to this mall by the walking distance of few minutes from MRT. It is so much convenient to visit this malls. Here all the selection is not so much comprehensive as compared to mega mall of orchard road. It is along the riverside with magnificent decoration and delicious dining. Here restaurants of central Clarke Quay are the homes of seafood,  European and Japanese blended dishes which are at the perfect place on the river edge. 


2. Riverside Point: 

Address: 30 merchant road. 

The water edges of this area are brightly lit by different bold colours, this view is so much hard to miss. Here we can visit many independent stores along with several outlets which are selling  jewellery, homeware,  clothes,  shoes and bags. Along the riverside we see bright lighting restaurants w Here we can enjoy shopping because of the many road shows performed by artists and entertainment shows. 


3. Royal Selangor:

Address: 3A River Valley Road.

This store boasts the selling of handmade things. These things or pewters come mostly in the form of tableware like teapots, plates, etc. The technique of making pewters is as old as 500 years. Today, thjs store works with the metal in more than 20 countries across the world. There are beautifully crafted tableware which you can take home.


4. Fiftyfive Tailor:

Address: 55B boat quay, Singapore.

This tailor store can be found just near the boat quay and it is dedicated towards men’s fashion. If you want to shop some tshirts and classy shirts, then this is the store to look for. These are famous for its handmade leather shoes which are the most authentic and give a classy feeling. Everything related to classy men wear can be found in this shop


5. Liang Court:

Address: 177 River Valley Road.

It is a medium sized mall in the Clarke Quay beside the Singapore flyer. The speciality of this mall is its restaurants. There are more than 20 restaurants and many good choice fashion outlets. 


6. Great World City:

Address: 1 Kim Seng Promenade.

Great world city is a six-storied complex of shops, restaurant, and apartments. It occupies an area of 400,000 square feet with a huge collection of fashion stores. It is also famous for family stays.

So, there are a lot of shopping options available for you when you visit Clarke Quay and Riverside. Thus, you have a treat when it comes to shopping in Singapore and this place provides you with one of the best options to explore the shopping world of Singapore.

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