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Merlion Park Singapore

Merlion Park - Singapore

Singapore is a very beautiful and amazing country. It is famous all around the world as a tourist spot. Millions of tourists visit Singapore and enjoy their holidays here. People who visit Singapore get fascinated by the beautiful places they visit in Singapore. There are so many beautiful places in Singapore. Singapore is considered to have so many places to visit that you cannot see them all in just your one visit to Singapore. One of the most popular among them is Merlin park.

Singapore tourist attraction and landmark is Merlion park. It is located near central business district at one Fullerton Singapore. It is the mythical structure with body of fish and head of lion. It is used as national personification of Singapore and mascot. In Merlion park there are two Merlion statues. Main Merlion that is original is about 8.6 metres tall and also spout water from mouth. Statue of Merlion is joined with club known as Merlion club which is 2 metres tall. It is spreaded over 2500 square meters and was opened on 19 September 1972. The park spreads out for over 27,000 square feet.

Singapore tourism board (STB) designed the Merlion park in 1964. Mr Lee Kuan , prime minister of Singapore inaugurated this park. At the Singapore river , the mouth of the Merlion is opened. It's weight is almost 70 tons. In 1997 the Merlion statue was not visible due to the Esplanade bridge. After 2002 the Merlion statue was 120 metres away then from its original position. It is overlooking Marina bay that is in front of Fullerton hotel. The body of Merlion represents humble beginnings and it's head represent the name of singapura as lion city. The home for mythical beast is Merlion Park. Tourist have beautiful view of water across marina bay. To all spectators Merlion statue provide fantastic view. It provides backdrop to relax on bank and to play. We can see light show from the Merlion Park.

Light show and Water show At Merlion Park:

Despite all the shows ,these two shows are free of cost and can be watched every night. Sky gets lighted up with laser lights from a ship life rooftop. The water show is on the other side of Marina bay. You can see south Asia’s largest light and water show. These light shows tell us about the beauty of life using lights, music or any other sound. The water show must be witnessed along the beauty of Singapore’s skyline. During these shows, tourists are shown an elegant water fountain that reacts to the beats of music. In total, there are 18 individual fountains which are controlled separately. There are LED lights available to depict this beautiful skyline show. The height water is made to attain is 20 metres. Both these shows are interconnected to each other. 

Things to do at Merlion Park:

It is a perfect park for everyone to visit with anyone. This park is kids friendly with a lot of cultural Significance. You can bring your camera. The park offers one of the best views of the city and gives you an opportunity to click fantastic photos. The park is easily accessible. You can have a brilliant view of the Jubilee bridge. There are a lot of restaurants and bars and there is a pathway under the bridge which brings you directly to boat Quay. 

Merlion park is considered as the traditional symbol of Singapore which represents and compliments its title of ‘The Lion City’. It is even more beautiful during the night and provides you with one of the best views for you. The light and water show are mesmerizing and heart touching. The city view from this park is different and unique. You can click pictures of the beautiful city and enjoy your time at Merlion Park.

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