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Heritage Tour Packages Singapore

Singapore is a country known for hosting millions of tourists in a year. The beauty of this country attracts many all over the world. Singapore has a rich history. It has been diverse in culture and heritage. People get attracted to see these wonderful heritage buildings and thus visit Singapore. Singapore is more famous for many other things. There are many beautiful places to visit in Singapore and these beautiful things compel people in a healthy way to visit Singapore. The nightlife is the most popular thing about Singapore which is responsible for so many tourists visiting this place. There are other reasons as well like climate, language, etc.

Singapore has a wide range of history. Before 200 years, it was purely an island for trade between many powers of that time. It had many cultures and religions practiced from that time only and thus you can expect to see many historic buildings. There are so many building which carry the memories of the history of Singapore. These are very precious heritage for Singapore.

So, we provide the Heritage tour package for Singapore. These packages are based on the beauty of the history of Singapore.

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Heritage tour packages:

These packages provide you with the tour of many heritage buildings of the past of Singapore. These buildings marked the start of the great architecture which got modified year by year and you can still find a picture of that in today’s buildings of Singapore. Besides the travelling, lodging and transport facilities, you are provided with the visit of many heritage buildings like:

  • Chinatown heritage centre:

It is situated in Chinatown and tells about how the chinese migrants of that time lived. It help you to learn the local culture of Singapore’s chinese people. It recreates the interior of 1950s and also gives a glimpse about chinatown’s early residents.

At the centre of chinatown heritage centre, you can find the places where people lived during that time and how they used to enjoy the nightlife. Every object here tells a particular, fascinating story about that time. You can get a feeling of how the chinese people left china because of famines and floods and reached this place in search of shelter.

  • Eurasian heritage centre:

This beautiful heritage attraction takes you to a journey about the history and culture of Eurasian community. It is one of Singapore’s smallest community but also the earliest. They follow the traditions of both east and west. The Eurasian heritage centre lies in the heart of Katong. You can discover the great personalities of this community in the field of sports, music and politics. You also come to know about the food of Eurasian community by enjoying the food in a fare at Eurasian community house.

  • Malay heritage centre:

It is a must visit place if you are interested in knowing Singapore deeply. It was built 160 years ago by Sultan Ali, a Malay Sultan in Singapore. The malay heritage centre has a museum which is rich in showcasing the Malay heritage and culture in Singapore. It displays many artefacts, collections, etc.

The centre has an original layout and all the galleries are maintained from the upper floors. The heritage centre plays an important role in preserving the history and culture of Malay community of Singapore.

  • Peranakan Museum:

It displays artefacts and fun exhibits of the past of Peranakan community. It displays one of the world’s finest objects and artefacts of Peranakan community. The highlights of this heritage museum is the 12 day peranakan marriage, which preserves the culture and tradition of peranakan community.

So, you can add any of the above or all of the above to our heritage tour packages and enjoy the visit to Singapore oldest and the most beautiful heritage buildings. These packages are the best for anyone who loves to know about the culture, tradition and the history of the place.

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