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Museums and Galleries Singapore

Museums and Galleries - Singapore

Singapore has a very unique and interesting history. Thus, it is very natural for Singapore to have so many good museums. When it comes to art, Singapore is very beautiful and the art found in Singapore is much more beautiful. So, there is no shortage of galleries as well. The National museum of Singapore and the National Gallery Singapore are the main museums and art galleries of Singapore. Apart from these, there are tremendous amount of museums and galleries in Singapore. Some of the top museums and galleries are given below:

Top Museums and Galleries:

1- National Museum of Singapore:

It is not only the oldest museum but also the most prominent among all. It was known as ‘Raffles Library and Museum’. This museum is an architectural marvel boasting a breathtaking high glass passage. In this museum, there are 6 separate living galleries that throw light on the life of early Singaporeans. The museum also holds special events in the form of public art, workshops, etc throughout the year. 

2- National Gallery Singapore:

It is one of the largest masterpieces of modern Singapore. You can find all the art collections of Southeast Asian art. It is dedicated to throw light on the unique art, heritage and history of Singapore. This is a must visit place of Singapore. The gallery showcases more than 8,000 pieces of Singapore’s art and history. It is the world’s largest public collection gallery. The main objective of National Gallery Singapore is to provide a unique experience to the people about the art and culture of Singapore.

3- Singapore Art Museum: 

This museum is dedicated to the contemporary art of Singapore. It was opened in 1996 and is also known to many as SAM. The exhibitions in this museum change after every few weeks and more and more fresh art is displayed. SAM also collaborates with many international museum to show the newest international art. SAM offers more than just art. The people who love architecture may also love to visit this place and experience some beautiful architectural masterpieces. After the tour of this museum, to relax, there are 5 cafes and restaurants.

4- Asian Civilization Museum: 

It is situated by the Singapore river and has the stories of Asian civilizations through its prominent collection. With the mixture of races and culture in the Asian civilizations, Singapore is rightly known as the cultural pot of Asia. ACM takes you on a grand tour of history of all the Asian civilizations. ACM is the only museum which devotes itself to the ancestral Asian culture and art. It was founded in 1993 and since then it has been a must visit place for all the tourists.

5- MINT Museum of Toys:

This museum is not just a delight to kids but also to adults. It presents all the old school toys and there is an infinite collection of those toys. It will surely be a delight for kids but for adults, it makes them relive their childhood and refresh their childhood memories. There are more than 50,000 vintage toys present in this museum. These toys have been collected from 40 different countries. It is believed to be the largest collection of its kind in the whole of Asia.

6- Red Dot Design Museum:

This museum is dedicated to the design fans. It can be considered as the gallery of 1,000 award-winning products of fascinating designs. Red Dot Museum is situated just to the banks of Marina Bay. It was first established in 2005 on Maxwell road and then was shifted on the banks of Marina Bay. It is also known as Marina Bay City Gallery. 

These are some famous and renowned museums and galleries of Singapore you must visit. These places surely fascinate the visitor and are a place of delight for both adults and kids.

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