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Three Great Light Shows Singapore

Three Great Light Shows - Singapore

Singapore is the most beautiful and clean country of the world. Millions of people visit singapore and yet its beauty and cleanliness remains the same. You will not find a single place in Singapore which is not clean. Visiting Singapore for holidays or vacations can be the best experience of your life. It is also a famous place to visit for families and newly wed couples for honeymoon. To spend some fun time and to relax from the daily schedule, Singapore is the best place to do all. There are so many beautiful places to visit that a short visit won’t let you see all these places. One particular attribute is attached to Singapore and that is its nightlife. Nowadays, Singapore has also become famous for its light shows. These light shows are famous all over the world. There are three great light shows to witness in Singapore.



Discover the free to public light show that are magical shows. Along the promenade it display water and light shows at the Event plaza. Here light is powered by visual projectors, fountain jets and advanced laser. Even 10 minutes show will mesmerise you with breathtaking view of colourful visual arts, beautiful orchestral soundtrack and dancing water fountain. There are many night and evening shows these includes stunning  OCBC Garden Rhapsody which is situated at gardens of bay, Majestic Crane Dance at sentosa and Wonder Full. It consist many best backdrops, at every night you will find lighting lit and bright dazzling colours all around. Marin bay is fully light up with incredible lasers shows. These shows make great entertainment for you and your family. The three great light shows in Singapore are:



Address : Supertree Grove, Garden by bay, 18 Marina Garden Drive. 

At night we experience mesmerising show at the Garden by Bay, where we can see the giant metal trees in its stunning forest. In Rhapsody when all the structures of metal trees are light up, full park is full of sound of music. About 50 speakers are hidden in this park so that you can hear sound perfectly at everywhere standing in the park. Here the light and sound show is much impressive because of the giant size of metal trees. SUPER TREES are almost 50 metres of height. 


2.Wonder Full at Marina Bay sands:

Address : 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore. 

The best thing about the sound and light show is that we can experience the view from both sides of the water.You can see series of laser shows standing in front of the hotel. It is the most advanced light show in Singapore. Most beautiful movement is that when we see cloud which is created by bubble machine and on the walls of water you can see projected beautiful images. Here music is by Louis Armstrong that is ‘’ its wonderful world’’. 


3.Crane Dance at Sentosa Resort:

This premise is so simple, here we giant structure of pink crane and blue crane, which are fall for each other deeply. About performance we feel something magical overall. It happens on Thursday to Monday. From large steel structures of cranes we see the flashes of light along with music. This light show is so much graceful which is shown throughout the night sky full of stars under moonlight. At sentosa theme park full visit can end up by this mesmerising show. 

These are the three great light shows of Singapore. The view of these light shows fill you heart with pure emotions and is a real treat for the eyes. Millions of people witness these light shows and take with them the memories that they will remember throughout their lives. Thus, these light shows must be on your list while visiting Singapore. You should do as much things as you can in Singapore and this is a thing which is must to be witnessed.

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