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Top 10 Beaches Singapore

Top 10 Beaches - Singapore

There are many well-known beaches of Singapore that are so popular as they are man-made beaches. They have white sand which makes beaches genuine.But most of the beaches in Singapore are built with imported sands. Here we have sand from Indonesia, Cambodia and Malaysia. From few years Singapore have gone through many development and progress. Urbanisation was wiped out from many beaches. Some of top listed beaches in Singapore are as following:


1.SILOSO BEACH: In Sentosa island we have three beaches, this siloso beach is one among them. Other two beaches in sentosa island are Tanjong and Palawan. These are crowded with the sports enthusiasts people, here they play volleyball and many other water sports. Here you can visit many themed restaurants , clubs, bars and even experience the live music show. You can try roller blanding, cycling, kayaking and Skimboarding.


2.PALAWAN BEACH: It is famous for  family attraction. It is also located at Sentosa island. It is ideal for kids and families. Around this beach we can visit many amusement parks like Lost wonder, it is the first amusement park in Singapore for kids. Here we can find huge number of Chinese restaurants and many themed parks. Here we can see free show of animals. And walk through the path which is close to equator, experience the panoramic view of full Singapore from tower.


3.TANJONG BEACH: If anyone wants to relax and peaceful want to explore the beauty of beaches then Tanjong beach is best to visit as it is less crowded. Here everyone find peace by reading books and the most mesmerizing feeling is to walk through the coastline. It looks gorgeous at night. It is surrounded by many beach clubs like Tanjong beach club. Gateway of this beach is the best place.


4. CHANGI BEACH: It is one of the oldest beaches of Singapore and it has been keeping alive the Kampong culture of Singapore. The beach size is of about 28 hectares and is much suitable for family visits.


5. PUNGGOL BEACH: It is a beautiful white sand beach. This beach may also be called a park because it was recently renovated and was given the shape of a park. One of the prims sports of the beach is Punggol Jetty. This beach is known for it long walking and cycling trips. 


6. LAZARUS BEACH: It is situated on the Lazarus Island and is considered as one of the best beach of Singapore. It is also known as Singapore’s secret paradise. The beauty of this beach lies in the rawness of the beach. You can stay there in the Holiday Bungalows.


7. PULAU UBIN: People are often confused that this beach is situated in Malaysia but it actually belongs to Singapore. Every portion of this beach delivers majestic environment. The best way to reach this beach is to take a ferry from Changi village. You must try the food made on this beach just like that of the Kampong culture.


8. EAST COAST PARK: it is an urban themed beach of Singapore which is one of the best modernized beach of Singapore. The slogan used for this beach is ‘Recreation for all’. This beach is everything which a child of 2 years and an elder person of 70 years would want. It has been recorded that 7 millions tourists every year visit this beach to spend some quality time. It stretches for more than 15 kms.


9. PASIR RIS BEACH: It is also known as kid’s wonderland. It is the best place for the people who love adventure. It stretches for about 6.6 kms. The beach is the second largest beach in Singapore after East Coast Park.


10. MYRA’S BEACH: This beach is popular for hosting parties. People who love parties must visit this beach. Myra’s beach club can set up a party for not more than 120 guests. It is an ideal place for many types of parties like private parties, Beach wedding parties, etc.

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