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Spas Singapore

Spas - Singapore

Singapore being a tourist place must have everything a tourist needs. It is a famous tourists hub and thus, to provide tourists with everything becomes the need of the place. Singapore is famous for its beauty and many other things. There is another special thing, which is not discussed while travelling to Singapore but is a very essential gift a tourist can have. It is the large number of awesome Spas. There are even special Spas for couples. During travel or a trip, your body gets tired physically as well as mentally. Thus, if during the last days of your visit, you will visit a Spa, you will be fully relaxed and fit to go home. So, to do so, there are many Spas in Singapore that provide with the best massages. Some spas follow the traditional way of Singapore massaging and thus you have a different type to experience. Some of the best among the best Spas in Singapore are:


So Spa:

This is the best Spa in Singapore and is situated on the beautiful Sentosa Island. It provides a divine treatment when it comes to massaging. In the garden of the Spa centre, there is a beautiful swimming pool with cascading waterfall, a mud pool, and for a stunning zen experience, a meditative labyrinth. 


Passage New York:

When you are tired from the whole trip you have made to Singapore, this is a great place to be relaxed. The interior of this Spa is so beautiful that it soothes your eyes at the first place. The gleaming marble floor and a beautiful ceiling becomes a treat to eyes. This is famous for its facial massage.



This is a luxurious spa located in Sentosa’s hustle and bustle. The massaging in this Spa has taken relaxing to a whole new level. ESPA has Singapore’s first authentic Turkish Hammam. It also has a steam room and pools and saunas. 


Spa Esprit:

It is the most famous among the locals of Singapore. This is because of a reason. The treatments they do are the most genuine and original like Zsa Zsa, Classic scrub-a-dub and cheeky chai Detox. This spa provides an option for the customers to get their own products and they will charge only for the treatment. There is a special massage for whole body in 60 minutes. This massage makes you feel relaxed like never before.


Auriga Spa:

It is situated at Capella Singapore. It is a spa that only uses natural and organic products recommended by the organic Pharmacy. The use of herbs make it a special spa among all. There are herbal steam rooms for this purpose. Other facilities present are a vitality pool, ice fountain, and a garden attached to every room. It is a private garden and you don’t lose your privacy.


Heavenly Spa:

Heavenly spa is just a little slice of heaven situated on the 35th floor of the Westin. The view from this spa is gorgeous and you can see the Marina Bay and Chinatown from this spa. It is a luxurious spa with a fuse of western and eastern cultures. The speciality of this spa is the Aromatherapy steam bath that will make you feel like you are in heaven. 

Damai Spa:

It name means peace and serenity and these are what you get when you visit Damai Spa. It is a healing centre and uses Chinese, Malay, Indian and European treatments to cure muscles. There is a couple suite as well that provide high ranks of romance for couples. Perfect for the lovely couple to spend some alone time. It also uses Ayurveda as its treatment styling.

Thus, these are all the popular Spas of Singapore. There are many but these are famous among the locals and the tourists. During the last days of your tired trip, you must visit one of these Spas for relaxing.

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