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Singapore Tour Packages From New Delhi

Singapore is also known as lion city. It is the best tourist attraction place in the whole Asia. It lies in the southeastern region of Asia. Tourists across the globe are attracted to this place and the visit to this place takes place throughout the year with number of tourists raising every year. The tourism department of Singapore has to be on its toes to maintain all the facilities for the tourists. It is by their efforts and by the efforts of the people, that despite of so many tourists visiting Singapore, it is one of the most clean and calm city-state or country in Asia. Singapore provides the best place for vocations with your family and friends. There are even many adventurous sports present such as sky diving and surfing. 

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As for the people of delhi, we provide so many packages. Delhi is just about 4000 kms away from singapore. The package travel mainly consists travelling by flights. Your packages will depend on the days you want to spend there. One thing will be common in all the packages, that is, the travel will be via flights. You will have to board a flight from Indira gandhi international airport and your journey will start from there. For a non-stop flight, it will take you 5 hours and 35 minutes to reach Singapore. If your flight will be a connecting one, it will take more time. If your package consists a flight via kuala Lumpur, it will take you 8 hours and 35 minutes to reach Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The stay at kuala lumpur will be for 2 hours and 20 mins. For this package, people prefer a direct non-stop flight.

Flights from delhi to Singapore:

Delhi has 1 international Airport while as Singapore has 2 medium and 1 international airport. From delhi, a number of international flights take off. These are

The first category is for direct flights.

→ Singapore airlines: It is directly from Delhi to Singapore and the time it takes to reach Singapore is 5 hours and 35 mins.

→ jet Airways: It take much more time to reach Singapore. The time taken by jet airways is 5 hours and 45 mins.

→ Air India Limited: This is one of India’s oldest and most luxurious flights and it takes 5 hours and 50 mins to reach Singapore.

The second category is for indirect flights.

The indirect flights travel via Kuala Lumpur. This package includes a trip from New Delhi to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur. 

→ Malindo Air: The time taken by the flight to go from delhi to Singapore via Kuala Lumpur, on Malindo Air is 16 hours and 40 mins. This travel taken 5 hours and 25 mins from Delhi to Kuala Lumpur. Then, there you have to wait for 10 hours and 15 mins and then you will head straight away to Singapore which will take you 1 hour from kuala Lumpur to Singapore.

→ Malaysia Airlines: flight duration in this airlines is 24 hours and 10 mins. This flight schedule includes time taken from delhi to Kuala lumpur, that is, 5 hours and 20 mins. Then, waiting time at Kuala Lumpur is 17 hours and 55 mins. The Malaysia Airline then takes off for Singapore and reaches it in 55 mins.

● The fastest indirect airline can make you reach in 8 hours while some others may even take 25 hours from New delhi to Singapore indirectly.

● The waiting time between any intermediate airport varies from 1 hour to 18 hours.

There will be no problem to reach Singapore. The nearest airport is Changi airport(SIN). After reaching Singapore, you will be transport to a luxurious hotel through our transportation available.

Thus, your package may include one of the above routes or schedules based on your own choice. Thus from delhi, you can easily reach Singapore.

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